Written by Terence Frisby.
Music by Martin Wheatley, Gordon Clyde and others. 
Lyrics by Dominic Frisby, Gordon Clyde and others. 
Arranged and conducted by Martin Wheatley, except for Got Any Gum, Chum? and GI Bride, which were conducted by Lola Frisby Williams.
Childrens’ casting and co-direction by Jeremy James Taylor.

Adapted, directed and produced by Dominic Frisby.


Terry … Brandon McGuiness 
Jack … Frankie Joel-Celoni 
Auntie Rose … Katy Secombe
Uncle Jack … John Owen-Jones
Mum … played by Rosie Cavaliero and sung by Louise Cookman 
Gwyn … Ian Virgo
Elsie … Evelyn Hoskins
Reverend Buckroyd … James Clyde
Mr Yarnscombe … Peter Temple
Grannie Peters … Marcia Warren
Miss Polmanor … Rosie Cavaliero

With a special mention for Daisy Mortimer, who sang on just about every song, as well as the solos in Skin and Bone and England’s Bells.

The kids were played by:

Safin Sheikh who sang the solo in There’s A War On and the descant in Ye Holy Angels Bright
Alex Braglevicz as Frank Emmet
Harlyn Price-Lewis as Sam Finch


Izabella Bucknell
Lola Byrne
Lola Frisby Williams
Ferdie Frisby Williams

Rudyard Haggist
Arthur Hastings
Molly Hedges
Poppy Jestico
Henry Littell
Edward Planche
Sofia Rega
Leo Ruiz
Astrid Sharrock
Sacha Whitehead
Peggy-May Will

And, in the role of Teddy Willis, Albie Ahmed

Other cast members and singers include:

(in alphabetical order)

Sherry Baines
Henrietta Bess
Lindsey Danvers
Rupert Degas
 as Churchill and Lord HawHaw
Ginny Fiol
Valerie Gogan
Paul Jones
Jonathan Kydd
Helen Langford

Trevor Lock who played Mr Davenport
Aideen McQueen
Cathy Murphy
Matt Price 
who played Dick Blodgett and Farmer Bodrane
Simon Thomas who sang the solo in Come All Ye Jolly Tinnerboys
Danny Ward
Mary Woodvine

The American GIs were played by:

Lance Ellington, Cordell Mosteller, Micah Touchet and Dennis Caldwell.

The sound engineers were Ross Burman, Wayne McIntyre, Ru Lemer, Malcolm Thorpe, Dan Hayden, Lewis Blair and Freddie Light.

The Cornish script adviser was Natalie Whiteight

The musicians were:

Clarinets: Lola Frisby Williams and Mark Allaway 
Piano: Colin Good 
Bass: Paul Moylan 
Violins: Kit Massey, Darius Thompson and Ruth Elder 
Cello: Natalie Rozario 
Viola: Una Palliser 
Percussion: Nicholas Ball 
Trumpets: Alan Berlyn and Lewis Taylor 
Trombone: Andy Flaxman 
Guitar: Martin Wheatley
Saxes: Kyle Horch and Michael McQuaid 

With special thanks to:

David Grant and Glenthorne High School, Andy Demetriou of Red Creative Media, Patch McQuaid of ID Audio, Simon Page aka Goat, Trevor Horwood, John Maher, Eliza Frisby, Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt, Anne-Marie Horton and the NYMT, Gareth Price-Lewis of ChatterboxRoss MacDonald and Keith Neumeyer.

Kisses on a Postcard was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Craxton Hall, ID Audio, Temple Music Studios and Dominic’s house in 2021.

All rights are reserved. Please contact Dominic Frisby for more information.

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